Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer.
Australian Pet Essentials Pty Ltd
Innovator in world class pet nutrition we are leading the way in unique pet food & pet treats products and proud manufacturer and business export winner
Geelong 2006.
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Pet Food & Pet Treats Australia
Click here to visit our complete range of pet food and pet treat products.Pawganic is a unique Australian pet product range consisting of world class natural herbal formualted treats with both rare Australian meats & raw materials combined with a blend of healthy natural herbal formualtions to ensure only the best for your pets..Pawganics.

Pet Biscuits:
Australia’s leading supplier of pet biscuits, organic Holistic & herbal biscuit formulations , meaty & more
for dental, health packed with human grade raw materials and oven baked.

Healthy & Nutritional Raw Materials:
Australian Pet Essentials our products are under strict standards ensuring all its raw materials are of the highest quality.


Our Pet Food Formulations contain the highest quality ingredients and have been manufactured to be a leading super-premium range of food & treats at an affordable price.. the Pawganics ® & Gobble Gobble® Brands contain only human grade ingredients and the formulas have been researched developed & formulated on the basis that a complete daily dietary requirement is crucial for your pets to maintain a long healthy happy life.





Australian Pet Essentials is an exciting family owned company, with a passion for excellence!
Our products range of pet food and pet treats are at the highest level, we are able to tailor our products to meet not only customer’s needs but more importantly your pet’s needs. Australian Pet Essentials trademark of flexibility and innovation, allow us to lead the market in all what we do. Our company is focused on combining excellence in tradition of a product and wholesome raw ingredients, with innovation and a contempaory market focus. All Australian Pet Essentials products are manufactured at the highest standards & there is never any compromise on quality.